Welcome to the Labyrinth.

Better Start Praying...

The Labyrinth

Over the centuries since it's mysterious creation, hapless humans and animals have somehow stumbled inside. They never make it out again, never. Not because of any lack of trying, of course. But, there is a secret to the Labyrinth  which so few ever realize before it is too late.

The Labyrinth is alive.

Ever twisting and turning, ever changing, ever adapting to keep it's prisoners within it's indistinguishable boundaries.

Of course, there are survivors. All of life is designed to adapt for survival in any situation, humans especially. The survivors of the Labyrinth wound up finding each other, and settled in at the few stationary parts of their new world, making a home for themselves. These few had children, and began a line of people who live and even thrive within the Labyrinth, changing and adapting just as it did so they might survive.

They know the Labyrinth is hungry, and so are always on the lookout for new people stumbling their way inside, hoping to save them and bring them among the rest before the many dangers of the Labyrinth swallows them up. 

They are the Natives, as they've come to call themselves, and they will stop at nothing to survive in the harsh world of the Labyrinth.